“The magic formula that successful businesses have discovered is to treat customers like guests and employees like people.”

“The magic formula that successful businesses have discovered is to treat customers like guests and employees like people.” Famous line of Tom Peters


Last June 5 and 6, 2017, Team Casamento Events Management together with their young CEO/President had their Summer Outing Escapade at Anilao Awari Bay Diving and Leisure Batangas Resort. The resort is located in the heart of Brgy. Solo, Anilao Mabini,Batangas, a 3 hour drive from the south. We all know how memorable this place to the whole team and also to our partner suppliers wherein last April 8, 2017 we just celebrated the most awaited party of the Pangan Family, the owner of this spectacular resort in Batangas. (See other blog for this).


Anilao Awari Bay is your perfect resort choice! It sits right next to the very famous diving site, Matu Point. It is located within a short 2 to 3 hour drive going south of Manila. The resort is situated on a private stretch of beach overlooking the beautiful Balayan Bay. We are located at the heart of Mabini.
Awari Bay FB Page)


Due to high volume of events, the team had their annual summer outing a bit late. They wanted to address all events and make sure that every event turns perfectly as planned, before they leave for vacation. Nonetheless, we are still grateful and felt loved with our soon to be venue-partner for destination weddings in Batangas.

We are all excited to have fun and have our quick break from the fast pacing events and busy city.  We originally planned to have a staycation with one of our partners hotel in the south, but God is good for bringing us to the place you can call HOME.

Upon entering the vicinity of resort, this breath taking view will welcome you. A crystal blue sky

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perfectly matches the elegant white and green ambient of the resort. You can say that this resort in Anilao, Batangas is one of a kind with world class structure, clean interior, and scenic view.


As soon as you park your car, their well groomed resort staff will welcome you with beautiful smile and happy faces (we love you Ms. Milet). And of course this hotel type service will welcome you also with their house made ice tea that refreshes you with the sizzling hot weather.


Anilao is well known as a perfect diving spot. Being in Anilao several times for event or for personal pleasure, even my diver friends would attest that the resort is far from where the tourists would normally go. But they would always say that the far location and accommodation, doesn’t really matter but their coral reef, friendly fishes and the beauty of the sea makes it all worth it. Anilao is just one of the thousand attractions in the Philippines.


Upon settling we have to take some energizer it’s the best part ever (eat)

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We had a full course meal, Appetizer, Soup, Main Course and choco mousse for dessert. And with this amazing view, everything was definitely perfect. The team can’t help but post on their social media accounts to update their followers and recommend this place their friends.

10While eating, this view caught our attention with a traditional “Kubo” and a pond full of kois. The kubo is another area where you can have your lunch, or simply hang out with your love ones or friends. This resort will definitely give you the homey feel with hotel service.

One thing we have observed also with place? Everything is well maintained, the structure is intact and well painted, the furniture is simply elegant, plants and landscape are well taken care of.


After we had our lunch finally we can get into our rooms which really amazed us. They gave us the newest room, which is good for a big group of family and friends. The room is provided with comfy beds and linens, television with cable, cool airconditioning system, an intercom to connect you with their reception, toiletries, bottled water, and of course, a 180 degree view of the amazing scenery. Waking up to that view, is everybody’s dream!


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This cozy balcony is just right in front of our room. Perks? Never ending view, cool breeze and definitely not the least, easy access to their sky bar which will open very soon! It is a perfect area and location for group of friends and family who will have their mini gathering.


You friends and family will never have a problem with lining up and waiting for their turn to use the bathroom. Our big room, which can accommodate 15 pax, has 2 bathrooms!

The room will welcome you with freshly smell, water and a complete set of towels. Our team is very OC when it comes with the cleanliness of the area. And this one, we must say their room is spotless! It even has fresh smell, maybe because of the good woods they used on the rooms


Finally we can’t wait to hit their pool, check this out folks! The resort has 3 kinds of pool: kiddie pool, adult pool (around 4-6 ft.), and the 15 ft pool.

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The Team mostly enjoyed their 15 feet pool. As we are trying to reach the bottom part of the pool, only Ryan and Sir Rein were able to make it. The pool area closes at 11PM for cleaning and opens in the morning time. Quick reminder to everyone, no glassware is allowed at the pool area, this is a safety reminder of the management to prevent any incident.


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Aside from swimming in their pools, there are lots of activities that you can do. They offer water diving, snorkeling, island hoping, jetski, and what we love is playing beach volleyball.

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The night is still young, and the tradition in our group is to unwind, to open and to be real in front of your teammates. We gave away special prizes to all planners and coordinators who excel again on their field. This year, we kept it very simple with a glass of beer, perfectly grilled food  and spectacular over looking view with the moon so big. Perfect timing, and place to distress and rejuvenate.

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Over all, this amazing staycation at Anilao Awari Bay is another thing that we have ticked off on our bucket list. We can’t wait to have another event again on this venue.  We can definitely say that this venue can pullout the best for your event whether corporate or personal! (wait for the next blog for Pat’s Debut to see how it look like to have you’re event here)





For more info and inquires about the packages offered by Anilao Awari Bay, visit their facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/pg/AnilaoAwariBay/reviews/?ref=page_internal
Once again Thank you so much Anilao Awari Bay for this awesome experience!

Love and kisses

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