Love will find it’s way

Love will Find a Way by Casamento Events Management - 001

“Hindi naging hadlang ang mga saradong skyway or mga daan para matuloy ang kasal” – Myla La Torre Mr. Aaron and Ms. Myla are one of the couples that we met at the SM Mall Of Asia Wedding Expo. They were interested with the the services we offered. After a few days, they set an appointment to get more information. When everything was finalized, they booked November 25, 2015 as their wedding day. Aaron and Myla’s wedding was in St. Alphonsus church.

They already expected that there will be a traffic because of the APEC Summit that’s why they traveled 2 hours earlier than they should. But the fate played a trick on them, the bride was stuck in the middle of unmoving cars. The bride, together with Mr. Rein, had to walk on the way to church to met her waiting groom. Luckily, there was a group of traffic police that volunteered to bring the bride to the church.


They thanked Casamento Events Management for making their wedding special. They said that it wasn’t the APEC Summit that made their wedding memorable but it’s because of the team, which they describe as the “Best Team Ever”. It’s been a while since their wedding but the couple still maintained a good relationship with Team Casamento.

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