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March 1, 2017

Doctors in Love

Two people sharing the same passion found love amidst time constrain but I guess destiny found its way.Despite Dr. Jim Peria and Dra.Mae Wagan hectic schedules as a dentist. It is one of their priorities to maintain their communication to one another. As the saying goes, in love, we’ll always find a way to make time for someone we love.

Dr. Jim Peria and Dra. Mae Wagan found Casamento Events at the Singapore Bridal Fair. Even if they were in two different countries at that time, they wholly entrusted their wedding to Casamento Events Management.They booked for anon the day coordination for their wedding. Their wedding happened October 2016 which happened to be their anniversary too. That is why it was totally a day to remember for them. The venue was held in Lipa, Batangas.


Stunning patterns with a touch of shimmering gold beads attached on her gown totally flaunt her entire beauty. Mae looked fresh and blooming on her wedding gown made by I Do Manila. Who wouldn’t be outstand by her beauty. She looked totally in love! Seeing her walking down the aisle made everyone very emotional especially her soon to be husband Dr.Jim.

 3   6

These beautiful bridesmaidsare totally rocking their shimmering silver dress! They are definitely enjoying the moment of their friends’ wedding. Happiness isindeed overflowing as you can see by their faces

  5  2

Love is totally in the air. Look how quirky and cool this newlywedwas. They are just full of love andfull of happiness. Words cannot describe how they were able to make their wedding day truly a successful one. No wonder why a lot of people supported and showed love to them.


Casamento Events would like to congratulate the newlywed.May this bond of love hold you together and may your relationship stay stronger and last forever. Thank you again for trusting Casamento Events Management. Cheers to another chapter of your life! Congratulations!


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